Since your pet is a part of the family they need to be very well taken care of. This article provides information on bästa pris viagra one of the most vital needs of every pet --- sleeping. We have placed here the most common canine cooler faqs to give you more information on canine cooler systems.


  • It's important for a pet owner to know that the sleeping habits of his pet are largely instinctual.
  • Canine coolers must feel like the pet's natural habitat that provides him comfort and ease.
  • Get a bed that is appropriate for the dog's size.
  • Canine cooler systems should be placed away from human traffic and away from direct heating or cooling sources.

    What is a canine cooler?

    A Canine Cooler gives a comfy sleeping area for pets; just like a mattress provides comfort and support for people. A typical pet bed elevates the animal above the floor, supports joints as well as provides a degree of warmth. There are varieties of pet bed models today on the market. From simple foam-filled cushions to high-end sofas with heating and cooling elements. There are also canine coolers that are filled with cedar chips to discourage flea growth and machine washable fabric covers which make cleaning the product easier.


    The following materials are often used in canine cooler systems:
  • Rattan/Wicker - both rattan and wicker are usually made into an oval or round basket with an added cushion.
  • Plastic - chew-resistant plastics with no sharp edges are more preferred.

  • Stainless steel - used in high end pet bed models; relatively easy to clean


    Canine coolers have cushions that are made from:

  • Washable fabrics - resistant to scratching and chewing.
  • Polyester fiber or foam as filler - provides more comfort but doesn't restrain flea growth.
  • Zippered outer shell filled with cedar chips - discourages fleas from laying eggs

    Heating and Cooling

    There are also pet beds that have heating and cooling options. Extreme heat can affect some dog breeds and a dog bed with a cooling element will surely give them a great relief. Using a refrigerated or frozen gel pad placed inside the cushion of the canine cooler is not recommended for puppies or dogs that have chewing issues. Heated pet bed cushions that use heated gel pad or other form can help aged dogs especially those with joint problems. Old dogs are also vulnerable to the effects of cold air and these kinds of pet bed warmers can really give them comfort.
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